I have NM installed for a client that has been working for a few years now. Their isp migrated their website to a new server. When my client tries to login to http://www.theirsite.co.uk/nm/exec/admin.cgi they get a 404 error. I am using Dreamweaver and when I look at the permissions set for admin.cgi they read as 644. I asked the hosts to change the permissions to 755 which they assure me they have (I still see them as 644) but there is still a 404 error. They say that I have a path problem:

From isp:

found this via google seems to be the same error - they also had the same path error

"To allow your customers to install your CGI wherever they want, I suggest that you fix your CGI to use the Server Variable (or CGI environment variable) SCRIPT_NAME to generate the correct URI for ACTION. SCRIPT_NAME resolves back to the URL that invoked the CGI, wherever the user installed it. So, for a first run URL of http://mysite.com/cgi-bin/prog.cgi , SCRIPT_NAME returns /cgi-bin/prog.cgi... which should correctly resolve as ACTION for your subsequent PostBack.

If you just use "prog.cgi" as ACTION, you are assuming that the BROWSER resolves /cgi-bin as the base directory of the request and makes the PostBack to /cgi-bin/prog.cgi. If the browser does not resolve /cgi-bin as the base directory, the PostBack likely results in a 404. You can verify this with the server log file corresponding to the failed PostBack that results in a 404."

If this is indeed a path problem how do I make the relevant change to NM?

My client is getting quite agitated so if you could please point me in the correct direction I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance