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Just a question...

With v3.10, when creating a new field titled "Name" in a section editor, I see the CMS Builder alert "Selected fieldname is reserved, please choose another."

The CMS Builder change notes for v3.09 state "MySQL reserved keywords can no longer be used as fieldnames". I found the list of keywords and reserved words for my version of MySQL at dev.mysql.com, so I'm all set there.

My question is, if I upgrade an existing pre-v3.09 installation to use v3.10 and PHP 7+, will there be any issue with field names that are now not allowed? There are several field names I've used frequently on various sites.


Hi Deborah, 

In all cases, you can use reserved words if you put mysql `backtick` characters around them.  So if you run into issues in future you can specify the fieldname like this `name`.  However, in most cases it's unlikely you're going to need to change anything for a long time.  We're just moving towards making things as easy, simple, and universal for the majority of users.  

In the case of "name".  I google'd and it's only used in a very isolated case in mysql and typically should work as a column name without backticks or any special treatment, so I think we'll likely remove it from that list.  

What are the other reserved keywords that you often use as fieldnames?  I can take a look at those as well.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer