My experience with Interactivetools team and AM.

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By Andres - June 16, 2005 - edited: June 16, 2005

I am maybe one of the strangest owners of Article Manager.

So let"s begin. In several months I was searching for right online magazine structure. There are many open source scripts, asp,shtml, php, whatever. In the end I was decide to buy some Australian php stuff. I am done it. Day latter Ross have answered me on my previously mail and I decide to buy Article Manager to. So well. I have spend around $500 for both but here in this house called Interactivetools is something different than in other company.

Here is support, here are conversations and help on peaceful way and if I am going to compare it with some meetings I have been, with some people I have met, than is it for sure meeting in in the world known institution with professional team, and in the other side in Interactivetools. I can also compare it on some other way, way of feelings and that is it why I have spend $500 for online magazine.

My online magazine is not yet finished, writers are waiting for, but team and forum users are active and all that is mean that I was not made mistake when I decide Article Manager. Thanks.


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