I've installed (and re-installed) Article Manager 2 about five times now and I'm getting frustrated. First, there is no "Summery Only" checkbox on the create article pages. Is this not possible to do in AM2? Secondly, the Article By field is now located at the very bottom of the page, rather than near the top as it was in AM1. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Re: [daniel2828] Missing "Summary Only" and strange Article By location

By gwiley - January 2, 2011

No, there is no Summary Only checkbox as far as I know in AM2. However, you can go to Admin -> Database Editor -> Table Editor and find the Field Label called "Content", edit it and uncheck "user may not leave field blank" That should allow you to just enter a summary without requiring the content. However, when the person clicks on the header for the summary, they'll get sent to a blank page. [:P] I'll let you deal with that.

As far as the "Article By" field, in the same area as above, find the Field Label for that (Author?) and using the Order field on the far left, you can enter a number to place it higher up on the list.

Hope this helps. I've had to do tons of mods to mine. [laugh]