By giles - September 21, 2012

I am running AM 2 on a client's site and it is working well. However, recently the client wanted some new categories adding to the content. That was no problem but they then wanted a single category and all its sub categories to appear on their own as a sub menu on a separate page.

We are using AM2 to run a press office which has several categories. The cliemnt is now setting up translations of some of the releases.

The effect we wnat is when th euser clicks on "Translated News" from the Press tab on the menu all the menu they then see is Translated News and the four languages sub categories.

You can see the site here

I am assuming this can be achieved using the publishing rules but can you confirm that is correct?

The other "nice" addition would then be to exclude the translated news category from the main press office menu. Is that possible?

Best regards