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By osluk - November 6, 2003

Can someone clarify the MAC situation. It seems HTMLarea 3 will work if you use Gecko however which if any products have HTMLarea3 included. If not is it the case the lack of the MAC activeX control means the MAC clients will see the basic interface in place of the WYSIWYG.

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Re: [osluk] MAC and htmlArea

By Donna - November 6, 2003

Hi there!

Thanks for your post. :)

Currently, because htmlArea 3 is still in Beta, it is not included with any of our products. So yes, you're right -- on anything other than Windows with IE5.5 and above, it will degrade nicely into a plain textarea without the WYSIWYG functions.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. :)