I am looking for a way to sort by two fields.  For example, I want to sort by Status (1 New, 2 Reduced,3  Active) so that all New listings are together, all Active are together etc.  Then within each of those I want it to sort by Price.

sort of like using sort_order=17,123,forward and then sort_order=5,123,reverse  where lfield17 is Status and it sorts by ascending numbers and then within that each Status it sorts via lfield5 (Price) in descending order.

By Damon - June 18, 2014


There isn't a built in way to sort by two fields but here is one way it could be done:

Embed search result queries using custom stripped down templates. So for example for New you would have
the New Listings heading then embed this search query:

Within the search query you can control the sort options and you can add the custom template to the end:

Then repeat for Reduced:

And so on. If you think this method will work for you, reply to the support ticket you sent in with any questions you have so I can provide more details.

Damon Edis

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