Line spacing issue c/w MS Word pasted Docs

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By jerryr8 - January 18, 2005

We've found a problem using the HTML area editor, when an MS Word document is pasted into the textarea and you add linebreaks within the editor, the linebreaks do not show in the HTML output. Has anyone else had this problem?[unsure]

Re: [jerryr8] Line spacing issue c/w MS Word pasted Docs

By ross - January 18, 2005

Hi Jerry.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the board!

That isn’t an error that I have personally come across, however, I am not a frequent user of htmlArea. I think your best bet may be to post this question on the htmlArea message board. The community there are actually the people who are actively developing the software so I am sure they’ll have a better answer than me [:)].

You can find their boards here:

Let me know if you have anymore questions [;)].
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Re: [ross] Line spacing issue c/w MS Word pasted Docs

By jerryr8 - January 20, 2005

Thanks Ross, I'll do that.[:)]