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I have two tables:

-          Fixtures_Results

-          Clubs

Inside the Clubs, I have a list of clubs and inside them it includes the name of the club, logo etc.

In the Fixtures_Results a typical entry includes the following:

-          Home team (Taken from Club table)

-          Away team (Taken from Club table)

-          Venue (Entered)

Now to the issue.  I want to display the fixture on my website. I can display the Home Team, Away Team and Venue. But I want to show their logos as well.

Here is the code that I am using to display the logo for one the away team.

// load records from 'fixtures_results'

  list($fixtures_resultsRecords, $fixtures_resultsMetaData) = getRecords(array(

    'tableName'   => 'fixtures_results',

    'leftJoin'   => array('clubs' =>  'ON clubs.num = fixtures_results.away_team' ),

    'limit'       => '3',

    'loadUploads' => true,

    'allowSearch' => false,


How would I show the Home Team logo as well?


I understand what you need but would like to confirm the fields and setup in CMS Builder.

Can you send in a support request to support@interactivetools.com with your CMS Builder admin URL, username and password?

Also, include a link to the results page you are working on.

I can then review and help with the code you need to get both home and away team logos to appear.


Damon Edis

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