By asiams - June 29, 2010


I am looking for the following link:

But it is not there anymore. Is there any substitute link for this?


Re: [asiams] Is there substitute link for support doc?

By asiams - June 29, 2010

I have found the following, but I would like to have further explanation:

Search Templates Examples

Added with version 2.28, you can specify a template file when using search.cgi. This means you can use different templates to display a listing in different ways. This feature can be used to have different types of content (e.g. sale vs rental).

Example: Rental and Sale listings

Scenario: Your listings items are either for rental or for sale, and some information only applies to rentals while other information only applies to sales.

Solution: Use lfield30 to store whether a listing is "rental" or "sale", with lfield31-35 storing rental specific information and lfield35-38 storing sale specific information.

To search/display only the rental listings and use a rental-specific template, use the following:
<a href="$search_url$?search=1&lfield30_keyword=rental&template=_rent_result.html">View Rentals</a>

Similarly, to search/display only the for-sale listings using a sale-specific template, use:
<a href="$search_url$?search=1&lfield30_keyword=sale&template=_sale_result.html">View Sales</a>

The _rent_result.html and _sale_result.html template files in the previous examples are files that you create, based on the _search_results.html template file. Each template file can have their own customized look and would display only the fields pertinent to either sales or rentals.

How about adding a listing?

When I add the list, can I use one template to add an item for both the sales and rental?

If so, I only use rental side of it for rental and sales related fields for sales item?

Or can I have two distinct input interface for rental or sales?