Is Interactivetools right for me please?

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By gethudson - May 17, 2004

Hello all. Apologies for posting something which maybe answered elsewhere but after reviewing umpteen CMS packages I am suffering from 'CMS-blindness' - I can't see the wood for the trees any more! Having said that, I am quite taken with all the InteractiveTools lurvin I see going on around these boards. And the people responsible for the tools respond. A lot. [:)]

Here's what I want and I would be grateful if you could tell me whether InteractiveTools is the 'one' for me. The biggest hing I am after is granular access control.

I run a local football (soccer if you really must- but it is football really) league made up of 15+ teams. I am fed-up with keeping the web site updated. Here is the URL

I want a CMS that I can set up so that 'users' can update their own sections. For instance, I want to let one or two people edit the front page, but nothing else. I want to let the League Secretary upload a PDF version of the Rule Book to a certain area and edit the list of banned players on the relevant page. You get the idea.

Further down the 'tree' I want each team secretary to be able to go in and enter their contact information, team colours and so on and even create a picture gallery if they want. And certainly to be able to put up a pen-pic of each player.

And within all of the above, I want to limit the items (blocks?) on a page that each user can touch - I don't want them messing anything up meaning more work for me. Oh no. Just enter where I want them to and that's it.

I would like a threaded messageboard just like this one too!

I am also looking to try and run banner ads - not for me, but rather to allocate banner-ad rotations to each team in order to help them gain team sponsorship. Its a nice extra seling point for them as no company really benfits from having their company name emblazoned on the chest of a panting, overweight person smelling of beer on a Sunday morning.

And a poll.

All that would be lovely.

But then, players from two other leagues in my area are badgering me about doing their league websites because thei websites are truly are awful. You think mine is bad? The others are dire!

So next I want to create sub-folders for each league and just kind of copy & paste files and set these guys up to run their part themselves - seperate messagesboard, poll, etc too. Maybe they can have a different look and feel - that would be a nice feature.

So Interactivetools gurus, how does this product measure up to my requirements? From what I have read I guess I would have to integrate with some other product. But I really like yours and want to be part of the lurvin'!!!

Many thanks in advance, George

Re: [gethudson] Is Interactivetools right for me please?

By Theo - May 18, 2004


Great to hear from you! Hopefully your CMS-blindness will clear up. I'm very glad to say that your number one feature (granular user access control) is built in to the product that would be most appropriate for your project (Page Publisher).

When you set up a page to be controlled by Page Publisher, you can designate specifically which users can update that page. By placing the tags in the sourcecode around the page elements you want them to update, you can determine exactly which parts of the page can be modified (to keep them from accidentally breaking the rest of the page). They don't need to know any HTML or coding, just modify the text of certain areas. You can also give your League Secretary the ability to upload a PDF file to a certain page and update the banned players list (you get so many banned players you need a page just for that?!? [:)]).

Regarding an image gallery, that's one element that would be slightly trickier - it can be done, but not as elegantly as a product designed for image galleries.

As far as expanding the site, once you've set up one set of pages with the "publish" tags, it'd be pretty easy to make copies, customize them, upload them, and make them available to a different set of users.

We don't sell a message board program, but there are lots of good ones out there. I'm sure our users can chime in with the name and URL of their favourite forums! [;)] Ditto for banner ad managers and poll software.

I hope I've answered your questions. If you want to try it out, we have a 90-day money-back guarantee. So you could buy it for no risk, then use our free support to help you through the process (including free installation of the program).

Let us know if you have any other questions!
Theo Wiersma
Project Manager