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By roddruce - September 28, 2010 - edited: September 28, 2010

Thanks for the info Dave. No problems creating a new style.


I realise you can only go so far with "Instant Website" but the capability to insert a logo in place of where the "Website Name" goes would top things off nicely.


Re: [roddruce] Instant Website - Must Have!

By Dave - September 29, 2010


That's a great idea, I'll put it on the list for the next revision. We have a few other tweaks and changes to push out as well. I also want to add a "hide page" checkbox.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By roddruce - October 1, 2010

Dave, is there a way I can insert metatags into Instant Website?


Re: [roddruce] Instant Website - Must Have!

By Chris - October 1, 2010

Hi Rod,

Yes! Here's an example of how to add Meta Description:

1) Add a Meta Description text field to the Website Pages section. To do this, first login to CMS Builder and go to Admin > Section Editors > modify Website Pages. To the left of the "Quick Add" button, enter "Meta Description" under Field Label, then click Quick Add.

2) Edit your index.php file, the one that came with Instant Website. Add this line inside of the <HEAD></HEAD> tag:

<meta name="description" content="<?php echo $page['meta_description'] ?>" />

You can repeat the process for other meta tags.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.
All the best,

Re: [chris] Instant Website - Must Have!

By roddruce - October 1, 2010

Thanks Chris, too easy - meta keywords and description all done.


By kovali - March 9, 2011

Hi Dave,

Any idea when the next version of Instant Website will be released please, and which most important new features it will get ?
I´m looking forward to try it, but still have some issues with the limitations of the current version. I want to build my templates without worrying about the integration into Instant Website. Some of my customers prefer better design before simplicity :-)

Thx for your feedback.

Re: [kovali] Instant Website - Must Have!

By Jason - March 9, 2011


What new features do you need? What are some of the problems you're running into?

If you need a more flexible solution, you can always just use CMS Builder without the Instant Website add on.

Let me know and we'll see how we can help.

Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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