By stipko - April 11, 2010 - edited: April 11, 2010

Article Manager 1.x is from InteractiveTools. They are a fantastic company, period. I do not work for them, but...

I have this because I have used Article Manager for so long and modified it in just about every way possible for numerous sites in our network. We live by it. Since we are developers, I thought we'd offer help to those of you who needed help with AM. There used to be another site, where some great mod's were available, however, they're no longer there. Anyway, we are developers and programmers and know AM 1.x very, very well.

Yes, we can be hired to tweak, modify or troubleshoot your Article Manager installation.

Send me an email and we'll see how we can help:

We're not terribly expensive, but we're not free either. Just honest work for honest pay. We know the AM software really, really well and if you need modifications and tweaks, we can do it. Don't forget, you can also use InteractiveTools forums. Once again, they are a great company and AM 2.x is pretty rockin too.

Aaron Stipkovich