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By felixr - January 21, 2009

Hi folks,
Im get some AM2 spanish technology web sites, and Im modifyng mainly the width to 990px. Well, in order to create more traffic between the differents web sites, I would like to put dynamic information from one site to another.

My concern is how may I do it ... with SSI include o how. I have tried to create a 'publishing rule' in the first site and get it from the second website with
<!--#include virtual= but it doesnt run.

You may see the 'new width&look' at (some parts are in development) ....

Best Regards.,
We publish a magazine, which we send by
regular mail to 10.000 dealers and IT companies.

Re: [felixr] How may include AM2 information from one site to another AM2 sit?

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By Donna - January 23, 2009

Hi there,

Server Side Includes don't work cross-site -- they're for including files on the same site only.

If you use an RSS aggregator, you could bring in headlines from one site to another via RSS. Try googling that and see if you come up with anything good.

Alternately, you could use an iFrame with hidden borders to pull in information from another site.

I hope this helps. :)