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By brianbankerus - May 7, 2004

Article Manager is a very good product and as times change (and the internet changes) it needs to keep growing and evolving to meet my need as well as the needs of all existing and future customers.

With that said the more people who know about and believe in Interactive Tools the more reason and funds there are to make it an even better product.

That THAT said, what can we (as customers/advocates) do to advance the success and development of Interactive Tools?

Re: [brianbankerus] How can WE help YOU?

By Eric - May 8, 2004

Hi Brian,

That IS a good question. Thanks for the forum post [:)].

I think the most valuable thing interactivetools customers and advocates can do is to help one another on the forum. So if you see someone ask a question that you know the answer to, feel free to contribute. You'd find that it helps everyone:
  1. It helps you because it reinforces what you know about our products.
  2. It helps you because it feels good to help others.
  3. It helps others because they see that help is readily available and that the entire community, not just itools support, is there to offer assistance.
  4. It helps us because people feel more confident about buying our products when they know there are many other clients like themselves. It goes back to the basic question: How are interactivetools products great products? There's no doubt that quality of the products, the features, the flexiblity, the great value, and enormous savings in time and money all factor into it, and from experience I've come to realize that for many of us, it's very important to know that when customers purchase a product from us we don't take their money and run. We back up all our products with excellent support, free installation, 90-day money-back guarantee, and an active community that deeply cares about our products and wants to help everyone succeed.

We understand that any purchase involves risk, and few things brings more comfort and confidence to a purchase decision than knowing that there are thousands of others who are not only using the product, but they are so ecstatic about our products that they want to help others succeed.

It's always exciting to see a customer rooting for us to succeed. I thank you for your time and if you have questions about our products you know we're here to help! [cool]
Eric Lau - Product Specialist