Please could I have some assistance with incorporating the code in red into the code in blue.

<?php // output product details
$details = ""; 
   if ($product['title'])  { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['title']).  "</td>\n"; }
if ($product['description'])  { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['description']).  "/td>\n"; }
if ($product['further_info'])  { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['further_info']).  "</td>\n"; }
if ($product['finish'])   { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['finish']).   "</td>\n"; }
   if ($product['size'])   { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['size']).   "</td>\n"; }
   if ($product['weight']) { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['weight']). "</td>\n"; }
  if ($product['cost'])  { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['cost']).   "</td>\n"; }
if ($product['code'])   { $details .= "<td>".htmlencode($product['code']).   "</td>\n"; }
<td>Add/Remove to favourites link to go here</td>

if ($details) {
print "<tr>$details</tr>\n";

<div class="<?php wsf_cssClassFor($tableOrTag, $recordNum, 'add'); ?>" style="<?php wsf_displayStyleFor($tableOrTag, $recordNum, 'add'); ?>">
     <a href="#" onclick="<?php wsf_onClickFor($tableOrTag, $recordNum, 'add'); ?>">Add to my wish list</a>

   <div class="<?php wsf_cssClassFor($tableOrTag, $recordNum, 'remove'); ?>" style="<?php wsf_displayStyleFor($tableOrTag, $recordNum, 'remove'); ?>">
<a href="#" onclick="<?php wsf_onClickFor($tableOrTag, $recordNum, 'remove'); ?>">Remove from my wish list</a>

Thank you


You can try replacing all $tableOrTag with the products table name and $recordNum with $product['num'] and put this section into $detail for print.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Leo - PHP Programmer (in training)