Happy New Year: How we spent our holidays

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By Luke - January 7, 2005

Hi everyone! [:)]

I hope all of you had a fun and happy holiday season. We sure did!

It all started with a company outing, where we went to a Japanese "Teppanyaki" restaurant named Osaka. The food was phenomenal, and the experience was even better. "Teppanyaki" is where an expert chef cooks the food (steak and seafood) right in front of you, juggling vegetables and cooking utensils, swapping jokes, dicing at the speed of sound, and even creating huge fireballs. And the food was great too!

The restaurant was followed by an exciting game of five pin bowling, where Dave took home the highest score.

And of course, each of us also spent time with family and friends.

Cliff came back to work nursing blisters on his thumbs from playing his new PS2. Damon enjoyed watching his 15-month-old son get excited with all of the Christmas lights and decorations. Though we didn't have snow down here, Dave stopped the car on the way to his parent's place so his boys could have a snowball fight! Tara and her Dad had loads of fun cutting down their own tree. At a tree farm, not someone's backyard. :)

I got my parents into the 1990's with a brand new DVD player and watched a crazy amount of world junior hockey. Mike was very happy with his brand new MP3 player. Theo spent the holidays with two families - Christmas Eve with his wife's family, and Christmas Day with his. Ross had a blast, he tells me Santa (yes, he still believes, don't spoil it!) was very good to him.

We're curious about what everyone's been up to. Feel free to post your holiday moments below. [:)]
Luke Holzken
Product Development