Got error 28 from storage engine

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By mbareara - August 6

Thanks in advance for your help.

when i try to access to cmsAdmin i receive this error:

Notice: MySQL Error: Got error 28 from storage engine - in schema_functions.php on line 37 by getMySqlColsAndType() in /home/calciocatania/cmsAdmin/lib/common.php on line 278


By gregThomas - August 6 - edited: August 6

Hey mbareara,

Is this on a fresh install of CMS builder, or has it started happening on a site that had been working previously? I've done some quick research into that error, it's coming from the MySQL server itself and usually happens when there isn't enough disk space remaining for MySQL to operate.

I'd recommend raising a support ticket with your hosting provider regarding the issue and asking them if they can resolve it, as I don't think its an error that's coming from CMS Builder itself.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.



Greg Thomas

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