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By Zicky - March 1, 2012 - edited: March 1, 2012

Here's a few Forum Features that I think would be nice to see implemented.

Mark Post as SPAM - from time to time, we've all seen the forum get hit with spam. So it would be really cool to have a Forum feature to allow us CMS Builder forum user the ability to mark a post as spam and thereby make InteractiveTools aware of the potential forum spam.

Mark as Helpful Solution Out of all the forums I've ever used the InteractiveTools forum and users are hands down the very best in communicating questions, helping each other out to find a solution and the team of InteractiveTools are so very helpful in providing answers and solutions. To all those of the CMS Builder community and the InteractiveTools Team a BIG THANK YOU!!!!

With in-depth communication, comes a lot of information to sort through at times. Some solutions are right there for you to find, others you have to dig into a bit more or a bit deeper to find. Reading through a forum post to find the solution you're looking for can take time and sometimes you find a solution, only to find out that it's been modified with a better solution a bit deeper into the forum posting.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining, I'd prefer to dig for a solution, rather than have no solution at all.

So here's the suggestion: I think would would be cool to have a three part method to mark as helpful and filter a solution as "Helpful" to the question asked.

The first method would allow us CMS Builder users to click a (helpful button) that would mark a particular post as "Helpful" that worked for our need. The solutions in the post that where helpful would be counted and once it reached a helpful count threshold, maybe the post would be marked with how many users found the post helpful. Obviously, they'll be some people who mark many postings within in thread as helpful, so I figure a count threshold may help provide a better results for more accurate solutions that are helpful to the overall need trying to be served.

Second part: Then if it where possible to sort all forum post threads by those most helpful - with the original question above all others, it may help us locate all the best solutions within the forum post.

I do see where the second part could be a complete flop though, because I've often found myself using a tiny bit of a solution for my needs - yet I didn't actually use the entire solution provided in the post, because I only needed help for something else I was trying to achieve. In addition to the fact that a solution provided within a thread may have changed from the original question of the post and tailored to fit a new question asked deeper within the post thread.

So the second method may not work at all, but I do think having the ability to mark a post as helpful, would allow us as forum users to help each other out more, by showing others what we found to be a helpful solution to our need.

Cheers - Zick

Re: [zick] Forum feature request

Hi Zick,

Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions. Something that's been on my personal wishlist for a while is rewriting the forum in CMSB-compatible PHP. Currently it's a 3rd party Perl based solution.

Along some of the same lines as your suggestions, I've been curious about solutions such as http://stackoverflow.com/

In any case, great ideas. When I start work on a PHP forum I'll post back again in the addons forum.

Dave Edis - Senior Developer