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By Zicky - January 2, 2014 - edited: January 2, 2014

Mark Post as Helpful - I'd love to see a button that allow users the ability to mark a post as a helpful solution and a method to sort the forum threads by date created or by helpful. In the case of helpful - the post that was most helpful would be at the top of the forum thread when sorted by helpful. OR if unsorted - the thread remains in it's natural order by it's creation date.

Save Thread to Profile - I miss the feature where I could save threads I found very helpful to my profile for reference at a later date.

Topic Views - I miss the feature that allowed you to quickly see how many times a topic within the forum has been viewed. This feature seemed to give the presence of a more active forum... just a personal / marketing thing for me. But when checking out various solutions for web development I always go directly to the forums to see how many web developers are using the forum, how many post there are and how active and engaged are the forum users... this helps me determine if I want to continue researching the solution I'm interested in, because if there's a low volume of active users - then I assume that the solution may not warrant further research. Whereas if there's high activity, then I can quickly gauge that the solution may be worth further research.

Mark Thread Post as Spam - I think it would be a nice feature to be able to mark a thread post as spam in nature, so Interactive Tools is notified of the spam posted to the thread.

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Thanks Zicky, 

The forum has been on the back burner for a while but we're keen to get it out this year and these are some good ideas.  I'll put them on the todo list for further research and implementation for when we get started on the forum again.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer