By Dave - February 2, 2010 - edited: February 3, 2010

Hello All,

What's Happening

We've decided to discontinue development on Article Manager.

It's been 2 years since we've released CMS Builder and we're putting all our development on that product moving forward.

Will Article Manager still be available for purchase and use?

Yes, you can buy it here for $99:

Over the years Article Manager has sold for as much as $399. We've lowered the price for developers who know and love the product and want to continue using it.

Support is no longer included but you can purchase support tickets separately for $19.95. But even if you need one or two supports tickets you'll still likely end up paying less than ever before.

Will you still support Article Manager?

Yes, we will continue to support the product.

For many years we've offered 90 days free support but we've never enforced that limit and always given free support to anyone who asked. As of Jan 1, 2010 we've lowered the price of Article Manager and no longer include free support. Support is available through paid tickets at $19.95 each. So if you bought a license on Dec 31st, 2009 your free support would take you up to Apr 1, 2010.

Note: If you purchased when we had a different support policy just mention that when you fill out the support form here:

Should I stop using Article Manager?

No, you can use it as long as you like.

Article Manager has proven itself on some of the busiest websites on the internet and is in use on thousands of servers. It's rock solid and very reliable.

If you are a web developer and you've built up a lot of skills with Article Manager, feel free to keep using it. Just private label it so it doesn't cause confusion for your client.

If you are a website owner, Article Manager will continue powering your website for years to come.

We've never encouraged people to upgrade "just because". It's a lot of work for often very little benefit. Don't switch products until you have a compelling need to do so and it makes business sense.

As of right now Article Manager is still powering parts of our own website. Eventually we'll upgrade that for consistency, but right now it's working great and we have more important things to do. We follow the same advice that we are giving you now. Don't bother upgrading until you need to.

Should I continue using Article Manager to build sites?

Yes, if it's doing what you need, continue using it.

If you are really good at building sites with Article Manager and you know you can use that product to make a great site that your client will love, then yes, keep building sites with it.

Your job as a web developer is to pick the best tools for the job. Article Manager has proven itself time and time again. If you know how to use it and you know it will do the job, use it!

If you want to try out a new CMS do it when you have the time and it makes business sense. Not just because there's a new version of one product and no planned updates for another.

We also follow our own advice here. I recently got a new PC from Dell that came with Vista. Being more comfortable with XP than Vista I installed that. One day I'll probably upgrade, but XP does what I need and I know exactly how it works. It's more important to me to save time now than to learn something new. When I know Vista or Windows 7 will save me time and money, then I'll be more likely to switch.

What if one day you're not around and there's a problem?

Even in the worst case scenario you are always covered. Article Manager comes with full unencrypted source code so any programmer could modify the code if needed in an emergency situation.

What upgrade options will be available?

Based on community demand we are going to develop the following:

AM2 to CMSB Importer: We're going to create a program that will import your database data and uploads from Article Manager to CMS Builder. We're going to make this available for free.CMSB ArtMan Template Set: We're going to make a template set for CMSB that looks and works like the default ArtMan template set to make it easier for AM2 upgraders to see how things work. This will be free as well.CMS builder Upgrade Discount: We're going to offer a very large discount to AM2 users who want to "upgrade" to CMS Builder.We'll be announcing these in the newsletter as soon as they are ready. If you'd like to get a jump start on learning CMS Builder feel free to email me direct at for an upgrade code to get a discounted copy of CMS Builder.So should I rush out and upgrade my site to CMS Builder or something else?No, not unless there is some major benefit (same advice we always give).If your site is running fine and you weren't planning an upgrade then leave it the way it is. Keep doing what you know works!...Hope that helps! Please feel free to post any comments or feedback. Thanks!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer