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* @author bzwang ** /
Public class DynInfo2Html {/ *** Translate information into static html
* @param sSourceUrl dynamic information access URL
* @param sDestDir is stored as a directory of static files
* @param sHtmlFile generated static file name, you can press the information unique ID + .html named
* @throws IOException * / public static void convert2Html (String sSourceUrl, String sDestDir, String sHtmlFile) throws IOException {int HttpResult;
URL url = new URL (sSourceUrl);
URLConnection urlconn = url.openConnection ();
Urlconn.connect ();
HttpURLConnection httpconn = (HttpURLConnection) urlconn;
HttpResult = httpconn.getResponseCode ();
If (HttpResult! = HttpURLConnection.HTTP_OK) {} else {InputStreamReader isr =
New InputStreamReader (httpconn.getInputStream ());
BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader (isr);
String inputLine;
If (! SDestDir.endsWith ("/")) sDestDir + = "/";
FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream (sDestDir + sHtmlFile);
While ((inputLine = in.readLine ())! = Null) {
Fout.close ();} in.close (); fout.close ();}}

I want to generate static pages for the dynamic pages of my site:okyalo.com, is this feasible?


What version of CMS Builder are you using?

Why do you need to generate static pages?

There is software available that allows you to save sites off line.

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