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By ciaranmac - January 31, 2017

Hi There,

I am wondering is it possible to create several different decision trees using the builder? I am looking for a solution that will allow me to add as many decision trees as possible.

I will have a home page which will show all the possible initial decisions trees that has been created. But once the user selects the button they go into the questions assigned to the decision tree.


This chooses the best pet for you. Do you want a male or female pet?

(select = Male, Female)

(user chooses female)

Female pets are chosen on hair color. What color is your hair?

(select = Red, Blonde, Brunette, White, Other)

(user chooses White)

White pets come in 4 sizes. Which size would you prefer?

(select = Tiny, Small, Medium, Large)

...and so on based on their choices...

... If they had chosen male for their first answer, then instead of the hair color question the following would appear:

Male pets are based on height. How tall are you?

(select = Under 4ft, 4ft-5ft, 5ft-6ft, Over 6ft)

(User chooses over 6ft)

Wow, you are tall. Because you are so tall a hamster would be perfect for you.

(no choices as this ends this path.)

By ross - February 1, 2017

Hi there.

Thanks for posting.

You'll be able to set this up with CMS Builder.

Your first step is to hardcode a working example of what you want.

Then we can look at the programming to set it up.  At this stage, we may end up shifting over to consulting (depending on how comfortable you are working with PHP).

How does that sound?  

Get your hardcoded version of the tree setup first and post a link to it when you are ready.


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