By nuggetF5 - March 29, 2017

Older version of Article Manager circa 2005 that has worked brilliantly for years. Switched to SSL and the search function immediately stopped, Returns a File Not Found 404, ala looking for a temp file that changes names, temp_1490792407.shtml most current. Error message in the server log is simply File does not exist: /web/cafe/html/news/publish/temp_1490792407.shtml, referer: https://(mysitename_address)

Of course there are some minor changes in the configuration made through the GUI to reflect the new https vs. old http but other than that, not much.

The permissions look fine. I'm stumped. Anyone have an idea what to check???

By Dave - March 30, 2017

Hi nuggetF5,

It's been years since we've looked at any of that code.  But here's some tips and possible paths to explore:

The way Article Manager resolves "Server Side Includes" is by saving a temp file on the server and then requesting it back through the web server.  This is why you're seeing those temp files.  The code that does this is in the function _server_resolve_ssi_and_code() in /cgi-bin/artman2/modules/IT/

For debugging purposes, you can set this to 0 (from 1) at the top of that file to prevent temp files from being erased:


The script requests the temp files from the URL specified in an internal variable named SERVER_RESOLVED_SSI_TEMPDIR_URL which is set to the value of "publish_url" from the artman settings.

So the first thing I'd check is that your https and http paths point to the same files.  So and point to the same file.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer