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By shawnpatoka - November 15, 2018

I just recently finished up building a website using CMSB. I am about to start on another project, and would love to use CMSB again, but before I purchase another license I have a question about how possible it is to use a calendar.

I'd like to make a responsive calendar of events on the website, where the events are managed in CMSB through a multi-event section editor. (the ultimate goal is to show a calendar of upcoming concerts at a venue)

Is this possible?



By gkornbluth - November 15, 2018

Hi Shawn,

There's actually a recipe in the CMSB Cookbook that should help (with downloadable files).

After you've signed up for the cookbook, do a search for AN EVENTS CALENDAR USING CMSB in the table of contents.

Hope that helps.

Jerry Kornbluth

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