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By Dave - October 30, 2017 - edited: October 30, 2017

Hi all!

We've just released v3.11 Beta 3 (beta list members will get an email shortly). 

We've got many new features and user requests including:

  • Unsaved changes warning, when you navigate away from a add/edit form after making changes it warns you
  • Developer Email - We've added a field for this so error reports can go to a separate email and not the default site email
  • Emoji support - We've switched 4-byte UTF8 (utf8mb4) to support storing of extended charset languages and emojis
  • Lastpass Annoyance fixes - Added workaround for issue where LastPass would automatically fill out username and password fields when modifying accounts
  • Image Uploads - CMYK "print" images are now automatically converted to browser-safe RGB images on upload (instead of just showing an error)
  • Email delivery - Added tips on the bottom of the Email Settings menu on what to do when emails aren't getting delivered
  • Offline Mode - Switched to storing and caching resources locally to speed up access for offline and limited internet access installations
  • And many more other bug fixes and improvements

If you're not already on the beta tester email list and you'd like to get notified of upcoming betas you can sign up here: http://www.interactivetools.com/news/manage.php

And you can download the latest beta here:

Please post any feedback, questions, or bugs you find! Thanks! 

Dave Edis - Senior Developer