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By dimeco - November 20, 2008

Hi Guys,

I love most (95%) of your systems.

The problem I have: Had a sudden charge on my card this morning from you guys and I haven't bought ANYTHING new from you in a while.

As in - One year!

I left a message on your phone - I hope someone responds immediately,

but my suggestion (why I'm posting here)

is because your support area DOES NOT allow for contacting billing regarding issues, only

support (by request of staff)
support - rapid response (paid! tickets)

Obviously yes I want a refund on this incorrect billing - but I DON'T want to refund my licence.

Other than email - you have no other way to contact your billing department.

Email (as we all know) often doesn't get through, gets blocked - or doesn't get answered. (That I know has happened to me in the past with you guys on occasion).

So - consider adding a form for other billing issues?


Re: [dimeco] Billing Contact/form

By Dave - November 20, 2008

Hi Amber,

We're running a little slower than usual lately as we've had 1-2 staff away daily with the flu. Luckily I've only had one day off and (fingers crossed) won't come down with anything worse.

For the billing issue, my first two guesses would be maybe an old monthly subscription that wasn't fully canceled or a Bank of America (or similar) card that charges extra fees for non US merchants and puts our name on the charge (this has happened a few times).

Whatever it turns out to be, just send an email to orders@interactivetools.com and we can refund it or assist you in putting a chargeback through if it wasn't us.

Anything to orders, sales, support, or consulting@ ... goes into our ticketing system and should get a reply within 1 business day. The forms on the support page actually mostly just send an email to these addresses.

And if you ever have trouble getting through (haven't heard from us in 2 business days) feel free to call or even email me directly at dave@interactivetools.clom.

We've had an issue where a few people have trouble getting email from our ticket system. It works from our personal emails (powered by gmail) but not our ticket system. If that's the case with you and you want to help us track that down the cause I'd be happy to do that... It's only with a few hosts, I'm not sure if it's us or them.

But let's take care of the incorrect charge first. Email orders@interactivetools.com with the details and we can starting looking into that.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Billing Contact/form

By dimeco - November 21, 2008

Hey Dave,

No problem, hope the flu stops hitting everyone! (Hasn't hit here.... yet)

I sent the email off this morning. Would have done it yesterday but we were fighting with a hack attempt on our server. (Oh the joy LOL)