Is there anyway of making my images in Article Manager background images?

I upload all of my images to AM and what i am trying to do is get the title of the article written over the picture so i was thinking if i could set the image to appear in the background i could then just set the title to appear over the picture.

This is the place holder i currently use:
$article.newsPic620$<!-- templateCell : article.newsPic620.row --><img src="$file.webUrl$"><!-- /templateCell: article.newsPic620.row -->

i would like to set this as a background image.

I hope it all makes sense.


Re: [socanews] Background Images

Hi Joseph!

Do you have an example of the HTML you'd like to use (without the Article Manager code?) If you can send me a snippet of what the end result should look like, I can tell you how to integrate that into Article Manager. :)


Re: [Donna] Background Images

Hi Donna

not sure which part of the html code toa ctually send you as i think you would need to see the whole page. what i have done is to attach an image of what i am trying to achieve.

The picture in the image attached would be created by setting up the template so it loads the image as a background image. that would then enable me to add the text directly on top the image.

where it says "background="/httpdocs/jcmedia.jpg" is where the AM tags should appear.

sample code:
<td background="/httpdocs/jcmedia.jpg">$article.newsPic620$<!-- templateCell : article.newsPic620.row --><img src="$file.webUrl$"><!-- /templateCell: article.newsPic620.row --><br /> </td>

thanks Joseph.

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Re: [socanews] Background Images

Hi Joseph,

Is this on an index page, or an article page? Or will it be showing up on multiple types of pages?


Re: [Donna] Background Images

It will show up on both index and article pages.

Re: [socanews] Background Images

Hi there,

Ok, so it sounds like you'd need a global placeholder for that. Article Manager isn't really designed to have an upload field for that, but if the file is already uploaded, you could use a My Placeholder to display it & update it on a regular basis.

So, if your image was located at /path/to/image.jpg, you'd setup a My Placeholder like this:


...then in your code, have this:

<td background=$my.placeholder$>

(replace that with the actual code for your specific placeholder.)

Would that work for you?