Article manager 2 was well worth the wait

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By George_h - November 7, 2006

I just wanted to say a big thank you to interactive tools, I hold a couple of licenses of Article manager and they have been gathering dust waiting for this update. When the update first came out I was frightened stiff of the publishing section, thinking I am never going to understand it. Now I am happily creating sitemaps and checking the rss feed.

If anyone is thinking about buying a cms then AM 2 is the one for you. What makes the difference with AM2 is the level of support that interactive tools gives their clients. This forum is quite unbelievable. I have asked a couple of questions recently to get my site up and running and the staff have bent over backwards to help. That is a really hard thing to find on the internet. Already they are on 2.02. That means that they are keen to get things right.

I have never found this level of support anywhere on the internet. Sometimes I see a little frustration within the text of someone who is having problems, and one of the staff come along and everyone is treated with kindness, sincerity and helpful manner.

As you can probably gather I have made the transition successfully over to AM2. I had a couple of snags but they were ironed out quickly. I found that the upgrade script was a very powerful little tool and someone has obviously worked very hard with it

So well done interactive tools
Kind Regards