By e_tietze - April 5, 2010

I've recently started doing some web updates for a company that has been using article manager. We are having a problem. On the main page, I keep having "Sponsored By xxxxx" showing up in one of the positions populated by article manager. I've manually removed this from the page, but everytime a new set of articles (in this case daily obituaries) are added, it comes back. The problem is that I can't figure out where it is coming from.

Here is the code for the position it is populating:

<TR><TD align="center"><hr><span class="morestories2"><a href="">OBITUARIES</a></span><br />
<!--#exec cgi="/exec/" -->

I've checked the "articlesnews.html" file to see if the sponsored by is there, but it is not. I'm assuming it is actually coming from article manager, but I don't know where to remove it in article manager.

Please help!!!!!!

Re: [e_tietze] Article Manager Help

By faribaa - April 22, 2010

You've probably figured that out by now, Just in case you haven't, all artman .shtml files are constructed with template files. editing .shtml files in the publish directory will have a temporary effect since once an article is added those files will be reconstructed based on a given template.
Look in the server's cgi-bin directory for those templates. Hopefully .shtm files have a comment statement identifying it's template.

Hope this was helpful.