By dimeco - June 2, 2012

People are driving me BONKERS submitting formatting crap (highlighting words, bolding keywords only) etc. which of course, is a no no to Google anyway, so I've never allowed it.

However, its not just that, sometimes people put tables into the code, and other wierd spacing formatting.

Is there a way I can just simply NOT allow it to use the wysiwyg editor for the article submissions anymore?

I'm okay with it in the summary so they can hyperlink to a website, but any other code I want gone to stop it from screwing up (and wasting my approval time).


Re: [dimeco] Article Manager 2 - turn OFF wysiwyg editor?

By Damon - June 5, 2012


Yes, you can turn the WYSIWYG editor off and use a plain text box instead:
Admin > Database Editor, then click "edit table & fields" for articles.

If you edit older articles, the any html used will be displayed in the text box.
Damon Edis

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