We would like to be able to display a list of "hidden" or "pending" articles using Article Manager's publishing rules.

I didn't really know if this was possible, but I looked at the template for the publishing rules. There is a "Record Filter" option available that is disabled by default. I made it visible by adding the "recordFilter" option to the "showPublishRuleOptionsForType"'s "showlist" array. When I try to use it in a publishing rule, it doesn't seem to change the result list at all even if I choose options that have nothing to do with status.

I dug a little further and found the "getWhereForPublishRuleConditionFilter" function in the Publish.pm file, which seems to be disabled. It seems like it might do what we need it to do. There is a note that says, "this feature isn't completed yet". So, what is missing? Has anyone tried to use this?

Also, there is a note at the top of this file "Warning : Modifying this program violates your license agreement!"
So, I haven't tried editing any of the *.pm pages.
Since Article Manager 2 is no longer supported, is it ok to edit these files since there will be no more updates anyway?

Thank you [cool]