Hello - I have an old client still running ArtMan 1.4. They have recently logged in an realized that modern browsers do not see the WYSIWYG editor content they've created before. The content exists, but is simply not showing up in the WYSIWYG text area. I am able to turn the field from WYSIWYG to Text and make the content visible, but it is HTML code and my clients don't understand it.

Is there an update that will repair this?

Thanks for any help. Interactive Tools 4 LIFE!

Hi morleyds,

You could try upgrading to the latest version of ArtMan and applying this wysiwyg patch:

You can download the last version here:

There's some upgrade instructions here (at the bottom): 

We haven't looked at any of that code for years now, but that would probably be the simplest thing to try first.  Just make sure you make a full backup of the site first.

Hope that helps!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Thanks Dave!

1. Can I update to V2 with my license?
2. Doesn't V2 involve a move to MySQL, etc?

- David Morley

Hi David,

1. Can I update to V2 with my license?

Yes, you can upgrade to v2 with your Article Manager license.

2. Doesn't V2 involve a move to MySQL, etc?

With Article Manager v2, you have the option to use either flatfile or MySQL. Using MySQL is not required.

Damon Edis

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