By glennH - March 15, 2011

I have the enviable task of updating an online magazine that was built more than 10 years ago using version 1.38 of Article Manager. It appears that the 2000+ existing articles that were published will not be affected by any changes to the template files. Changes to the template files will affect only new articles, yes? The three SSI includes in published articles affect only the search form, the sidebar category list and headlines at the bottom of the page.

My goal is to replace the banner image and re-style the header and sidebar. ArtMan 2 provides a way to migrate to mySQL. I'm guessing this isn't an option with 1.38, correct? I considering writing a perl script to pull the main content of these articles into my own database and then pull this into my preferred CMS (WordPress 3) but before I embark upon this task I'm posting to this forum with the hope that someone out there knows another way forward.

Many thanks.