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By InHouse - December 2, 2010

Hi there,

My client would like to have some of the search functions found under the Advanced Search area of the List View show up as the default. After exploring many examples I'm really not sure how we can define what appears in the Basic Search vs. what shows up only in the Advanced area.

Does anyone know if there is a way to force a search element into one or the other of these two options?


Re: [InHouse] Advanced Search vs. Basic Search question

By Jason - December 2, 2010

Hi J,

When editing the "Searching" tab in your section editor, The first line will be used as the basic search. Anything after the first line is hidden away in the advanced search options. So you can "force" a search element into the basic search by making it the first line in the box.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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Re: [Jason] Advanced Search vs. Basic Search question

By InHouse - December 2, 2010

Thanks Jason, that's helpful.

I'd love to be able to put more than one "special" search function into the basic search area. Perhaps a simple flag parameter could be added to the search in a future version.


where b= basic, a=advances, x=both

The "both" option would be needed as I think the fields in the Advanced search "stack".