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By jcalleja - January 28, 2004


I'm learning Dreamweaver (as well as Fireworks). I have (think I have) created my front page for our Intranet and I have marked the areas I would like to add content. But what I would like to do is as I'm creating my pages in Dreamweaver, to allow someone else to add the content for me thru AM.

How do I link AM into my Dreamweaver html page?

Or is there a step by step guide on doing the above?

Are there any compatibility issues with Dreamweaver and AM?

Should I be aware of any concerns that could be a problem whilst designing in Dreamweaver?

Sorry for all the questions but would desperately like a reply.



Re: [jcalleja] Adding content to your page created in Dreamweaver

By itoolssupport - January 28, 2004

[font "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"][font "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"]Hi Jo

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the forum!

[font "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"][font "Verdana,Arial,Helvetica"]I think that a great place for you to start would be to take a look at one of our tutorials that we have for [url ""]Article Manager[/#0000ff][/url]. Here is the link to the tutorials page:

[url ""][/#0000ff][/url]

in particular, the Working with templates in [url ""]Article Manager[/#0000ff][/url] section:

[url ""][/#0000ff][/url]

When making changes to templates, there are a couple steps that I recommend following.

1. Download the templates that you want to modify from your web server to your computer
2. Make the changes that you want with you HTML editor
3. Re-Upload the files to the web server, overwriting the old ones
4. Publish the changes through [url ""]Article Manager[/#0000ff][/url]'s Setup Options.

Keep in mind that it's important when modifying the template files to test and make backups often. That way you can always revert back to a backup you made five minutes ago instead of possibly losing hours of work.
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