By Jehannum - July 26, 2012

Here's the rundown:
I moved hosting services, and now I'm getting a 500 error whenever I go to admin.cgi?action=articleList. I followed the .htaccess tips here (to disable mod_security), but when I put those lines in the .htaccess file, then I get a 500 error whenever I hit admin.cgi (not just the articleList).

Any other possibilities?

Re: [Jehannum] AM2 articleList 500 error

By Jehannum - July 27, 2012

In addition, whenever an article is submitted, the submitter receives a 500 error.

Site is

Re: [Jehannum] AM2 articleList 500 error

By ross - July 31, 2012

Hi there

Thanks for posting!

There are a few different things that we can test for you. We don't do support for Article Manager through the forums though so could I get you to send through a second level support request?

We can take a closer look together from there.

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