AM CSS type artisteer software?

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By Kimber - January 27, 2010 - edited: January 27, 2010

[font "Times New Roman"]Hello, I have been using artisteer ( to make my blogger css templates and I am trying to figure out if any of the template types the software offers will work with Article Manager:

[font "Times New Roman"]I can make css templates for joomla, wordpress, blogger, DotNetNuke, html, and codecharge studio. Are any of those compatible with Article Manager’s css?

[font "Times New Roman"]Thanks[/#000000]

[font "Times New Roman"]Kimberly[/#000000]

Re: [Kimber] AM CSS type artisteer software?

By Donna - January 27, 2010

Hi Kimber,

I haven't used artisteer myself, but CSS is CSS is CSS -- there's no "compatible with X" CSS. CSS is compatible with HTML, and since Artice Manager uses HTML-based templates... I can't see why it wouldn't work.

That said, if it's generating your full templates, no -- every program works differently, so all of the template code is going to be a little different. I'm guessing that it has some of the template logic that each of those programs ask for, and it pre-populates it for you.

Although I do see HTML on that list, so you should be able to just pick that one and it'll create plain HTML/CSS templates... which you can then integrate into Article Manager the same you would with any handmade templates. :)


Re: [Donna] AM CSS type artisteer software?

By Kimber - January 27, 2010

[font "Times New Roman"]That was my same thought. I only worried about getting the right navigation components. Guess I will try and see what happens [:)]