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By brianbankerus - January 8, 2005

Default Template Kudos
My site, www.glossynews.com, is using a pretty substantially modified version of one of your templates. If you look at it, you'll recognize it in a heartbeat.

I have a lot of cross-browser compatibility complaints, but all of them deal with my significant changes, not the things that came with the template.

I've worked very little with CSS classes, and don't know how much work it took to make it all look right.

Some of my colleagues (competitors?) use CMS's designed just for Internet Explorer. When I view them in Mozilla or on a Mac they look terrible. Nothing that Interactive Tools has ever coded looks anything less than "as expected" in ANY browser, and I really appreciate that.

Of course, I'm working on my CSS skills too, so I'm not too worried.

That's all.

Re: [brianbankerus] A word of praise regarding CSS's

By MikeB - January 8, 2005

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the post! [:)]

Glad to hear the default templates we offer have helped you set up your site.

It's always great to hear that our products have assisted someone in setting up their website the way they wanted it.

Thanks again and if you have any other questions or comments feel free to let me know! [:)]

Mike Briggs - Product Specialist

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Re: [MikeB] A word of praise regarding CSS's

By brianbankerus - January 9, 2005

Glad to hear the default templates we offer have helped you set up your site.

Oh no, it's more than that. I've been running your program almost two years. Your coding is the one part that doesn't look all off-kilter across browsers. The coding does look a bit archaic, but the template is at least that old and the net has changed in that time.