cgi-bin Directories  

Some servers will only run scripts in a "cgi-bin" Directory: a special directory named /cgi-bin/, /cgi-local/, /scripts/, or possibly another name. If you have one of these named directories, chances are that your Web Server has been configured like this.

Sometimes, a Web Server will have special requirements for it's cgi-bin Directory. Please check with your web hosting provider if you think this might be the case.

The cgi-bin is usually found in your Web Root, or one directory above it. Your Web Root is the directory which contains the top level web page for your site, or the index.html file that is displayed when visitors first come to your website.

Frequently, regular .html pages and images cannot be viewed from within a cgi-bin; therefore, images and published pages must reside in a different section of the site. Templates, which are .html files, are normally opened by the Perl program and not by the Web Server, so they should be placed alongside the program files in the cgi-bin.