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Plugins > Character Counter For Text Fields

WARNING: We cannot make any assurances for the quality or safety of user submitted plugins. Please completely backup your site and review a plugin's code before use.
Name: Character Counter For Text Fields  
Version: 1.01 (Released: Aug 1, 2011 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v2.10
Author: Gerald Kornbluth - JKWebDesigns.com  
Download:  Login to download

Summary: Add a full featured Character Counter to all of your text fields, site wide.

$19.95 (unlimited use)


Frustrated because your character limited text fields don't tell your users how many characters they've entered, or how many they have left?

This "must have" plugin dynamically displays how many characters are allowed in a text box, how many characters and words have been typed, and how many are left for any text field, site wide.

No character limit? No problem. The plugin will still display how many characters and words have been entered.