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Plugins > Simple Forum

Name: Simple Forum  
Version: 1.02 (Released: Jul 22, 2017 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.10 and Website Membership Plugin
Single Price:  $94.95 – Login to purchase
Unlimited Price:  $246.95 – Login to purchase
(Single & Unlimited Use License Agreement)
Download:  Login to purchase

Summary: Simple to setup and manage online forum. Includes Bootstrap responsive templates that can be customized as needed with CSS. Email notification for admins, reply to users and subscribe to threads.

We use Simple Forum to power our own forum here at interactivetools.com. Try it out here.


Online Demo: Try an online demo >>


Simple Forum makes it easy to add a forum to your website in minutes. All website visitors can view and browse posts, logged in users can post comments, and email notification is available for admins, users with posts that have been replied to and any user that want to subscribe to a thread.

Key Features

  • Upload Simple Forum plugin and activate from Admin > Plugins
  • Includes Bootstrap responsive templates. Edit the CSS to customize.
  • Works with Membership add on manager user registration, login, reset password, customizable forum signature line.
  • Set forum signatures to be updated via textbox or WYSIWYG editor.
  • Signed in users can create new posts, reply to posts, edit previous posts and delete their own posts.
  • Posts are Previewed before Postings or Updating.
  • Editing posts includes an Edit History.
  • Admin can Lock posts to prevent any further replies.
  • Admin can make posts Stick to have them stay at the top of a forum.
  • Customizable responsive templates included based on Bootstrap.
  • Built in Forum search engine. Search by keyword or search for posts by user.
  • Forum automatically adds rel="nofollow" to all links added in posts to reduce spam and reduce user linking to sites that could negatively effect SEO.
  • RSS feed for all forum content as well as separate RSS feeds for both forum sections and post threads.
  • RSS feed for search results. Search in the forum, then click the RSS link to get the RSS feed for that search query.
  • Setting to require users must login to view forum (login is always required to post).
  • Setting to allow users to add polls to posts which users can vote on and display results.
  • Setting to allow users to attach uploads to their posts.
  • Setting to Auto-archive topics after set number of days. Archived topics can not be replied to.
  • Setting to emails to admins when posts are created.
  • Checkbox in CMS Builder to hide a forum and all posts within it.
  • Users in CMS Builder can be assigned to Admin to any forum created. Admin for Forums checkbox appears in the User Accounts.
  • Admin only visible link to view a list of any unchecked topics. Then mark topics as checked when replied to or resolved.
  • Email notification options: email replies to users, email all posts to admins, subscribe to topics and/or forums.
  • Users can unsubscribe from email notification.
  • Email templates can be customized from within CMS Builder.