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Plugins > Bulk User Access Editor

WARNING: We cannot make any assurances for the quality or safety of user submitted plugins. Please completely backup your site and review a plugin's code before use.
Name: Bulk User Access Editor  
Version: 1.02 (Released: Jan 12, 2016 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.00
Author: Robin Brayer - interactivetools.com  
Price:  Free
Download:  Login to download

Summary: Quickly reset access permissions for many users instantly.


CMS Builder lets you control which users users can access which sections, but if you have more than a dozen users and you need to update everyones access it can take some time.

This plugin lets you reset the section access for all of your users at once. Just select who you want to update (all users, all admins, or admins & users), select the access level you want, and click the button.

Special thanks to Brunello Creative (http://www.brunellocreative.com/) who commissioned this plugin and donated it to the community.